Domestic Animal Advocacy in the Costa Ballena Region of Costa Rica

About Us

DAWG's official name is Grupo Bienestar de Los Animales Domesticos (whew! what a mouthful). To keep things simple, we are doing business as DAWG, Domestic Animal Welfare Group.

DAWG is a non-profit organization focused on animal advocacy in the Costa Ballena region of Costa Rica.

Our vision is all domestic animals in Costa Ballena are in a loving and caring home.

Our Mission and Goals

Our mission is to eliminate the abuse and abandonment of domestic animals in the Costa Ballena region. To this end, we focus on three major goals

1) Control the stray animal population through spaying and neutering,

2) Rescue and place in good homes animals that have been abused or abandoned,

3) Educate the residents, especially the children, on the proper care of domestic animals.

Our Organization

Our organization was founded in 2007 and consists of volunteers who share the core values that define the way we conduct business in the achievement of our goals. They include dedication and motivation to animal advocacy, positive loving and nurturing attitudes and actions toward our charges, dependability and reliability, and respect for each other and the members of our community.

What we do:

Population control:

We provide no/low-cost spay and neuter services to pet owners who cannot afford these services. We conduct clinics at the office of our partner veterinarian and in outlying parts of the community where veterinary care is not available. All our rescues are spayed/neutered at no cost to the adopter either before adoption or at the appropriate age.

Rescue, care and placement:

We rescue abandoned, abused, and injured animals and work with our partner veterinarian to treat and rehabilitate them. They often need extensive medical care as many are emaciated, have illnesses varying in severity, and often compromised immune systems. We shelter these animals at our partner veterinarian’s office and in private foster homes. We provide food, medicines and all other needs to foster families. Volunteers provide socialization, exercise, food and love to all of our rescues.

Developing a Community of Animal Advocacy through Education

We provide a curriculum for grades 1 through 3 and 3 through 5 that instructs children through activities on how to care for both domestic animals and wildlife. This is very important in our unique area where both exist. Through education we strive to develop a community culture of animal advocacy.

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