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How can you help?

Fundraising is our lifeline. Donations can be sent via Paypal using the email address dawgfostermom@gmail.com. Click on "I'm sending money to family or friends." (By choosing this option, Paypal does not charge us a fee.)

Donations may also be deposited in the Honor Boxes located at the retail level of Centro Veterinario Costa Ballena in Uvita and in the Hertz office on the third floor of the building. And of course any volunteers will gladly accept a donation.

We conduct fundraising events as we can and, of course, solicit personal donations and adoption fees on a daily basis. However, our expenses to care for the animals and continue to conduct sterilization clinics far exceed our income. All donations go straight to animal care, including food, medical treatment, and supplies, as well as providing funding for spay and neuter clinics.

We also happily accept donations of Kirkland brand dog and puppy food, and Fresh Step or PriceSmart brand cat litter, and Purina Pro Cat or Kitten food. And we gladly accept your pets hand-me-downs including collars and leashes, needed to keep our animals happy, clean, and healthy!

DAWG Lending Library

You can also support us by visiting the DAWG Tales Lending Library in Uvita. We have over 6000 books and DVDs available. We charge a small amount to borrowers and ask that they return books so we may maintain our inventory and continue to make money for our cause. Book donations are welcome. The Library is open every day!


DAWG always needs volunteers, and there are many ways you can help! We strive to match your preferences with our needs in order to benefit all.

Daily shelter care

Many of our dogs and cats are sheltered at the local veterinarian's office. Although most of the dogs have free reign in the back yard, they need and thoroughly enjoy their exercise walks and you will too. Our dogs also need their breakfast after their walk so they can take their siesta with a full tummy. And of course, they occasionally need bathing even if they had a splash in the river. Our cats/kittens are housed in kitty condos and need daily housekeeping, feeding, and loving. Do you have a few hours, one or two days a week that you can come in and make our furry friends happy? It’s a very fulfilling experience all around.


Do you have experience with fundraising and a passion for helping animals? We'd love to talk to you!

Spay and neuter clinics

Volunteer to work at one of our spay and neuter clinics. Jobs available are set-up and break-down, admissions and release, pre-op preparation, tracking animals through the process, recovery monitoring, interacting with owners and doctors and staff. Also help is needed with taking appointments and explaining pre-op requirements, publicity, and solicitation of supplies, water and lunches for the volunteers, many of whom work from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Website and Facebook

If you have skills in website administration or can help with updates with our website and Facbook page, we can put your talents to work!

Adoption Events

Although our animals are available every day except Sunday for adoption, we have adoption day every Saturday from 9am-1pm. We need extra volunteers to talk with our visitors, help get good homes for our babies, and to solicit fosters and donations.

General Daily Tasks

We care for dozens of animals, so every day there is feeding, walking, bathing, cleaning, and socializing to be done, in addition any medical treatments or therapies that need to be tended to. We're always happy to have help.

Library management

Luckily, we have a continuous stream of book donations that need to be reviewed, organized and filed. Hours are completely flexible and volunteers read for free!

Animal tracking

It is an enormous amount of work to track an animal from admission to adoption and beyond. All information pertaining to origin, age, condition and ongoing follow-up for examinations, vaccinations, and spay and neuter is gathered daily and dispersed to medical personnel and volunteers to ensure the successful rehabilitation and ultimate placement of our furry friends. We could use your talents to keep all records updated so our babies have the best chance of a healthy life.


We love our foster "parents!"  Some of the animals that come to us are sick or injured and need a place to convalesce and recover.  Sometimes we receive puppies or kittens that need a bit more care and to grow bigger and stronger before they can be adopted out.  For many animals, being with a big group of other dogs can be overwhelming, especially for timid, small, or older dogs, who may not be willing or able to run with the pack or wrestle with the more energetic dogs.  Sometimes younger dogs need more socialization and training to make them a better fit for their future forever family.  These animals all do better in foster homes, where they can have more personalized attention and socialization.  There are never enough foster homes, so if you have room to care for an animal, whether long-term or short-term, you would be our hero!


Everything we do at DAWG has the end goal of finding loving forever homes for all of our animals.  If you see an animal that you absolutely love, let us know so that you can meet them!  Looking for a new furry friend but not sure which one is right for you?  Check out our Adoptable Animal pages or come to our adoption events on Saturdays from 9am-1pm and meet everyone!

All animals up for adoption are treated for parasites, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered at the appropriate age.

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